Anchor Milk Powder

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Goodness of Milk

Two glasses of milk a day contain many essential nutrients

It is important for families to be aware of milk nutrition facts to understand the importance of dairy.

  • Milk contains many essential vitamins and nutrients and is an easy way for families to boost their nutritional intake conveniently.
  • The Sri Lanka Ministry of Health’s Food based dietary guidelines for Sri Lankans (2011) recommends anyone above 2 years to consume 1-2 servings of dairy each day as part of their balanced and varied diet.
  • As a part of a balanced daily diet, this helps us consume a considerable amount of many nutrients. That’s why mothers always ensure milk is a part of the daily diet of growing children.
  • Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese provide several important nutrients into our diet and are one of the richest sources of dietary calcium.
  • It also contains high quality protein and an array of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies to function normally.
  • Milk contains all the eight essential amino acids required by the body.
  • Children benefit significantly by consuming a daily glass or two of milk as it helps with their immune system and growth.
  • Milk can also provide the energy you need to carry on day to day activities.
  • Breast milk is widely acknowledged as a complete source of nutrition for infants exclusively until they reach 6 months.