Big Vertical white Pot ( pack of 10 )

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Size Top 7.5 inch  Bottom 6 inch  Height 6 inch

High Quality Plastic

Quantity 10 

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Hanging pot wall planter vertical garden unit tapered: A straight-hanging tapered plant pot which includes a body composed of a side wall being tapered from a larger size at an upper end to a smaller size at a lower end and of a bottom wall connected to the side wall at the lower end thereof, has a hollow wedge-shaped projection integrally connected with, and bridging an interrupted section of, the pot side wall. The projection projects outwardly from the body side wall so as to adapt the projection to support the pot body in an upright, non-tilted fashion from a vertical surface and position the pot bottom wall in a generally horizontal plane. The hollow configuration of the projection and tapered configuration of the pot.