You can't buy happiness. But you can buy Plants And that's pretty much the same thing thing.
You can't buy happiness. But you can buy Plants And that's pretty much the same thing thing.
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Dried Mixed Peach
Dried Mixed Peach
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Dried Mixed Peach

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Eye Health

Owing to their abundant beta carotene, peaches are vital for the health of the retina in the eyes. People with deficiency in beta-carotene suffer from poor vision. The vitamin A in beta-carotene helps combat night blindness and conditions brought about by age such as macular degeneration.

Fights Toxins

Peaches are a great detoxifier for the colon, kidneys, stomach and the liver. This is because they help get rid of excess waste matter from the named parts of the body.They fiber in the peaches also prevent colon cancer by pushing out toxic excess waste matter from your colon.  And helps protect against colon cancer. Peaches are also laden with potassium which lowers kidney related diseases and lowers the chance of suffering from ulcers.

Assist in Weight Loss

The fleshy fruit is a great to lose weight as it contains natural sugars which do not raise blood sugar insulin levels. This is unlike processed sugars which raise blood sugar and deposit fat in the body. Peaches are also sweet and this may be a blessing in disguise because it counters craving for other foods that give you a sweet mouth!


The chlorogenic acid found in the skin and fleshy pars of the peaches have been found to fight cancer, owing to the anti-oxidant properties in them. The acid lowers the inflammation especially in people with arthritis and slows down the process of aging.

Cardiovascular Health

Peaches contain lots of iron and vitamin K, both of which are vital components for a healthy heart. In particular, vitamin K stops clotting of blood from taking place among other hear diseases.  On the other hand, Iron maintains healthy blood by preventing anemia. The lutein and lycopene in peaches prevents heart diseases such stroke and heart failure.

Kidney Cleansing

Peaches are rich in potassium which cleanses the bladder hence maintaining normal kidney function. As a result, peaches prevent you from suffering from kidney diseases such as nephritis.Additionally; they help eradicate kidney stones formed in the kidneys.

Skin Health

It does help that peaches have plenty of vitamin C in peaches .This vitamin is important for maintaining a youthful skin. Peaches lower formation of wrinkles owing to chlorogenic acid and the vitamin C. As a result, they slow down the aging process.

Rich in Antioxidants

The anti-oxidants in peaches help to keep the body healthy as they ward off free radicals. In particular, the lycopene and vitamin C found in peaches are vital for fighting diseases such as cancer among other auto-immune diseases. Eating ripe peaches everyday is sure way of staying healthy and keeping such diseases at bay.