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Yes, these are the great 5 reasons for having MILO every day that this little MILO fan has reiterated, and it was totally convincable.  ;-)

1) Fuel you up!
MILO is not a meal by itself, but the best beverage to go with every single type of food. This is all thanks to the natural goodness of milk, malted barley (that contributes lots of vitamins and minerals to the drink) and cocoa.

2) Giving you the extra energy to go further!
Long-lasting energy from PROTOMALT, a unique malt extract which is found only in MILO, this helps you concentrate better and longer in the class, and still feeling energetic even after school.

3) The vroom….Power!
MILO aids in the release of energy from food with a combination of B vitamins and Magnesium. This helps you to be one of the fastest runners during school PE activities, with enough energy to last you through the rest of the lessons in school after PE.

4) Hello Milo, say Cheese!
Calcium found in Milo builds strong bones and teeth. Yeah, growing tall and strong, it also gives your children the neatest and nicest set of teeth ever.

5) Loved by generations!
First sold in 1936 and locally produced since 1984, the great taste of MILO is well-loved by everyone, passing down from generations. That’s why you can easily see at least a tin of MILO in every Singapore household.