You can't buy happiness. But you can buy Plants And that's pretty much the same thing thing.
You can't buy happiness. But you can buy Plants And that's pretty much the same thing thing.
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Sugar Candy ( Kalkandom )
Chakravarthi Dry frutis and Nuts

Sugar Candy ( Kalkandom )

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1. Relieves cough and sore throat

Cold weather may cause various health problems, which also include cough and sore throat. However, it is believed that mishri may have certain medicinal properties and essential nutrients that help relieve these conditions instantly. All you need to do is to mix mishri with black pepper powder and ghee and make a paste. Consume it at night to cure sore throat. Also you can take mishri powder and black pepper powder in a bowl and take a spoonful of it with lukewarm water at night to cure cough. This will help release excess mucus.

2. Helps boost hemoglobin levels

Low hemoglobin levels may cause problems like anemia, pale skin, dizziness, weakness and general fatigue among others. Mishri comes as a rescuer as it not only helps increase hemoglobin levels, but also regenerates blood circulation in the body.

3. Makes for a great digestive

Not only is it used as a mouth freshener but also as a digestive alongside fennel seeds. Its digestive properties start the process of digestion immediately. So you should have few pieces of mishri after a meal.

4. Acts as an energy boosteR

Interestingly, its refreshing taste provides an energy boost in post-meal slump. So it is good to have some fennel seeds along with mishri to up your sluggish mood.

5. May stop nose bleeding

You may not believe it, but mishri actually helps in stopping nose bleeding immediately, which is a quite common condition that happens in summer. All you need to do is to put mishri pieces in water and wait till it semi-dissolves. Now, add some drops of this water in your nose to stop the bleeding instantly.

While mishri may have certain benefits, it is important to note that it is sweet, hence should not be overeaten as it may cause other health problems. It is better to always consult a doctor before adding it in your diet.